Pixels Limited

Pixels envisions mobile to be the most important advertising platform for brands and marketers in the city within the next 2 – 3 years. As consumers are constantly glued to their smartphones, advertisers are starting to see the need to reach their consumers using mobile platforms.

Pixels’ objective is to provide a holistic mobile advertising solutions encompassing audience data, quality media and rich creative solutions to ensure Hong Kong marketers have a platform for mobile advertising that is of the highest quality audience and inventory, that is transparent with creative story telling they can use and one that they can continuously see a return on their marketing investments on mobile.

Their vision is to make mobile advertising for marketers simple, effective, engaging, essentially EASY for marketers without them having to jump through various barriers including that of technical ones and a complex chain of suppliers by providing technical knowhow, execution and conveying those in simple non – technical jargons.

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